Sharing the Finished Work of Jesus Christ in the Washington, DC Metro Area


Why do believers struggle with the notion of "holding on to Jesus" when Jesus promised no one can snatch us out of His hand? (John 10:27-28)

Listen to this brief message.  Contact us if you are interested in fellowshipping in God's reality about you before time began!

"Spirit, Soul & Body" in that order is crucial.  We need to see how God intended us to operate on the right emotions in the original design through God's desires in us (spirit) living together as human beings in God's image and likeness.  "Body, soul, spirit"  causes us to live from the wrong emotions and desires. 

We must desire to know the GOD of the ministry of reconciliation to know why God redeemed us.  Desiring the ministry only can't reveal such as it's not based in God's truth about us in reality.